Creative Problem Solving One Day Workshop

by Fmeaddons



Employees are constantly faced with problems throughout the day. Most are small and can be dealt with fairly easily. Some are bigger, longer term or ‘repeat’ problems, which require attention and creative thinking to solve. Interestingly, we can sometimes tolerate something not working well because we feel we don’t have the time, the confidence or a strategy to deal with the problem.

Imagine if we took the time, and had a creative, strategic and organised approach which we knew would change the situation for the better? This workshop focuses on giving participants practical and structured processes to think strategically, confidently solve problems and make decisions both at work and in personal life.

In a fun and playful workshop environment, participants work on common business problems and produce new and innovative solutions, even for long term and ‘repeat’ problems.


– Apply a structured and logical process to problem solving
– Identify the root cause of a problem, not just treat symptoms
– Develop your creative thinking skills
– Match problem solving processes to individual work or personal problems
– Understand how emotions can affect problem solving ability
– Apply a logical approach to choosing a solution from multiple options
– Increase confidence in making decisions and solving problems

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Download 25 July Melbourne Metro One Day

Creative Problem Solving One Day Workshop


Time: 9am – 4pm
Includes: Workbooks, certificates
Cost: $540.00 plus GST
Location: Virtual Workshop

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