Positive Leadership Two Days Workshop

by Fmeaddons



Leadership today is about inspiring motivation towards best performance, whilst also creating a culture of adaptability, resilience and creativity. The positive leader knows how to communicate vision, involve each individual team member in that vision, solve problems collaboratively and positively, capitalise on individual strengths, and harness positive emotions and thinking patterns for improved work performance and wellbeing.

This two day workshop helps participants identify which skills they already have, and which they need, to succeed as a positive leader. Through a series of practical exercises focused on ‘real work’ scenarios, and backed by academic research in the fields of Positive Psychology and Organisational Behaviour, participants will gain skills, tools and strategies they can transfer to their day to day roles immediately. Participants will leave the program confident in their ability to apply positive psychology to get the very best performance and at the same time increase the wellbeing of their teams.


– Know how to clearly communicate vision that inspires and motivates
– Connect team members to that vision
– Create meaning and purpose
– Know the wellbeing of the group and how to increase it
– Generate a positive resilient atmosphere where people flourish
– Promote determination and resilience
– Know the three critical elements that create true engagement and motivation
– Generate intrinsic motivation to increase productivity and reduce stress
– Apply a forward thinking, positive lens on problem solving
– Identify and capitalise on your team’s strengths
– Set and manage performance expectations that inspire

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Brochure Date Location Duration
Download 3 & 4 October Melbourne Metro Two Days

Positive Leadership Two Days Workshop


Time: 9am – 4pm
Includes: Workbooks, certificates
Cost: $1080.00 plus GST
Location: Virtual Workshop

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