About Us

Why WREN Learning?

According to Celtic mythology, wrens are agile, quick witted, active, friendly, creative, determined and free-spirited – which is who we are, and the way we work.

What we do

WREN Learning is committed to working in partnership with organisations to provide the highest standard of reliable, flexible and customised professional development opportunities.  We draw on the latest research and evidence based practices from Organisational and Positive Psychology to craft cutting edge content for our workshops.


With over 15 years’ experience, we offer a full range of programs, including the most sought-after workshop topics.  We assist organisations, leaders and staff to stay engaged, challenged and motivated in their work which leads to significant growth and improvement.


WREN Learning offers In-House Professional Development Workshops, Industry Breakfast Events for Leaders, Public Workshop Calendar and Coaching.  Click on the links below to learn more about each:

How we are Different


We offer true flexibility to customise and modify programs to your specific workplace and needs.  We consult with department managers prior to workshop delivery to ensure the objectives of the workshops align with your department competencies and strategic goals. Importantly, this maximises our time together and leads to improvement of your team’s performance.

Research & Evidence Based

At WREN Learning we take the content of our workshops seriously.  We’re continuously researching, so that the methods and techniques we recommend in workshops are cutting edge and evidenced based, from the fields of Organisational and Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence.  This means that you can apply what you’ve learned straight away, with confidence you’re engaging in best practice.

Highly Transferable

Our programs are designed to be both theoretical and practical, yet presented in everyday language so they are easily understood.  The practical tools, strategies and skills outlined can be implemented immediately.  Our workshops provide great value to all employees, regardless of their role or position.

Skills for Life

We recognise that our participants are keen to learn strategies and skills that can be used in both their personal and professional life.  For this reason, we design holistic and enriching learning experiences with applications to both the workplace and home life.


We aim to ensure participants are highly engaged during our workshops.  We want your employees to enjoy themselves while learning valuable skills and to look forward to their next WREN Learning workshop.


When you engage WREN Learning, you partner with professionals who understand adult learning principles, have access to cutting edge research and apply sound instructional design to workshops.  This guarantees our workshops are always fresh and innovative.

Training Methodology

WREN Learning uses an interactive workshop style, placing the learner at the centre of the experience to maximise engagement.  Activities may include: group discussion, individual, pair and small group activities and valuable role-play and safe ‘practise’ of practical techniques in preparation for executing them in the ‘real world’.  We use stories, give case study examples and demonstrate techniques.  The use of multimedia, such as relevant YouTube clips, adds further interest and variety to the workshops.  Our facilitators are skilled in the ability to read a group’s energy and have a strong sense of timing, knowing when to move a workshop forward.