Our People

Our People

Kylie Bell - Director

Kylie Bell leads a team of highly qualified and experienced researchers, program designers and educators at Wren Learning.

Prior to creating Wren Learning, Kylie held senior leadership roles, leading people across diverse backgrounds, countries and cultures in high pressure, creative environments.  These experiences inform her work in developing leaders today.

With the creation of Wren Learning, Kylie and her team have designed and delivered a suite of corporate training programs in response to client needs. Our expertise is in developing leaders, specifically in improving engagement, performance and innovation. Depending on needs, Kylie and her team draw on the areas of positive and organisational psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and resilience. Our programs often address creating positive workplace culture, improving relationships, communication and teamwork, managing conflict and responding to change.

Kylie is regularly invited back to the University of Melbourne to share her expertise in applying Positive Psychology to organisational culture, leadership and team development.

Kylie’s formal qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Education – Arts (Psychology and English) – The University of Melbourne
  • Master of Education (HRD and Organisational Learning) – The University of Melbourne
  • Post Graduate Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology – The University of Melbourne