Professional Business Writing One Day Workshop

by Fmeaddons



Written communication is a skill critical to job performance. That is because clear writing gets results, firstly by allowing your clients and colleagues to understand your message. Easily understood writing then gives you the power to persuade, influence and motivate action.

Most people receive a high volume of written communication which can at times become overwhelming. The amount of effort it takes to understand an email is described as the ‘cognitive cost’. The higher the cognitive cost, the less likely a document will be read or understood. Reducing the cognitive cost, by writing simple, clear and interesting emails will greatly increase your readers’ receptiveness to your ideas and requests.

When your writing is easy to read, your reader will be able to see the strength of your ideas and the clarity of your thinking. Importantly, clear writing gets results. Readers will want to read what you have written. They’ll choose to read your document first, which means they’ll take action and make decisions faster.


– Confidently write documents that others want to read
– Apply style guide principles such as Plain English and Active Voice
– Understand the process of drafting to create excellent writing
– Adopt self editing techniques to improve use of words, phrases and sentence structure
– Sharpen skills in grammar, punctuation and spelling
– Confidently choose the correct formats for documents
– Write with clarity and efficiency

Professional Business Writing One Day Workshop


Time: 9am – 4pm
Includes: Workbooks, certificates
Cost: $540.00 plus GST
Location: Virtual Workshop

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