“I just wanted to write to you thanking you for helping out with getting this course set up for us.  I have been speaking to everyone who attended the course and they all say how great it was. Kylie was very engaging, thorough and covered everything with great detail.  Everyone was very happy with the course and are very keen to try new methods for resolving conflict and giving constructive feedback. Thanks again!”

Lead | fitness apparel industry

“‘Modern’ is bandied about quite a bit but this is one of the few times we actually feel the impact of higher level concepts communicated in a succinct and personal manner. More importantly the quick and efficient beat to which the information is communicated shows her dedication to understanding the material being presented and the research behind it. There is an upbeat rhythm to every workshop, free from the typical rigid structure and run by a facilitator with an amazing wealth of knowledge and clear love for teaching.


Perhaps the greatest aspect of the courses she delivers is just how quickly and easily the information can be disseminated and implemented within the business. It is a testament to the level of accessibility and care that has been taken in developing each course. In many cases we implemented some of the workshop information into team meetings and seen immediate and positive effects.”

Chris | Recruitment and Training Coordinator | Event Industry

“Engaging presentation, enjoyable, valuable, interesting.  Provided me with confidence moving forward when drafting documents to a variety of audiences.”

David | Parks and Open Space | Local Council

“Our staff recently received training in Emotional Intelligence.  The group felt that the content was engaging and the trainer used a variety of mediums and resources which captured the group’s concentration.  They highly recommend that other staff within Council receive this training – it is very relevant to everybody’s professional and personal life”.

Wendy | Community Care | Local Council

“Better leadership course than others I have attended! Presenter is very engaging and knowledgeable.  Really enjoyed it, feeling confident.”

Jemma | Co-ordinator | Event Industry

“Thank you all, along with Kylie for a great start to the day, always feel positive leaving the varied sessions I have attended.”

Trevor | Manager | Logistics

“Thank you for a wonderful session.  Kylie was amazing. It was so relevant and refreshing to have such good, engaging content.”

Erin | Community Services | Local Government

“Very engaging, with valuable information presented.”

Jessica | City Design | Local Government

“Kylie, you have a very natural style of presenting knowledge”

Sanda | Local Laws | Local Government

“The training was awesome – and I have never used that word to describe training – ever”

Niko | Corporate

“Great Course! Great Engagement!”

Frank | Duty Manager | Insurance Industry

“It was a great course.  Kylie is a lovely facilitator”

Bronwyn | Administrator | Government Department

“Great job Kylie! Really well presented.  Easy structure with a clear focus.  I can do this, many, many thanks.  The resource booklet is really good as well.”

Audrey | Business Development Manager | Tafe

“Interactive with open conversations and group work which makes it more engaging” Thank you!”

Casey | Events Coordinator | City Venue


WREN Learning works with private and government organisations throughout Australia.

Participants in our WREN Learning public and in-house programs have come from the following organisations.